Her life is a circus you never want to watch

Mechumi is dealing with depression. And nobody could understand how she felt. She’s not telling anybody because nobody will care. No one would and they wouldn’t understand the strangeness of this feeling.

If only there is someone she could talk to about this, maybe it will ease the pain. Hmmnn is it really pain or more worse than that. She couldn’t describe it. It’s unpleasant and it’s causing her a lot of headache’s lately. Her life is a mess.

One minutes there is this tiny bit of hope and happiness that she’s holding into and the next will be a whirlwind of disastrous depressive attacks. It swallows that little hope. It swallows all of her.

They say to forget the past and start picking up the pieces. Yeah, it’s easier said than done. Picking up the pieces after it is broken is actually the hardest, because as you pick each tiny bit of them there is these memories of brokenness that they bring and it goes deep into your soul.

As hard and as heavy as rock you carry this everyday. Your heart aches, your pain, the agony and all the dark things inside you. You are so troubled you are having a hard time getting back. It’s just dark, ¬†too dark to see. So you just sit there and wait till you die. That’s the kind of dead end feeling it gives.

It is even harder because the very people you thought are there and the very people that you love is the one causing this pain.


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