Write what your heart feels

Were there times when your head doesn’t agree with your heart? Do you sometimes pretend that you are there but actually not?

Yes, everyday, it is my dear, I try to hold it in, suck it in. Live this life full of lies. Lies that hurts.

I will never forget the day, the day I was hurt, hurt so bad that until now I carry.  I can’t establish the feeling of truly loving someone without thinking and feeling all of the hurting.

This pain, stabbing my chest all the time. It’s not easy, right now it is caged and there are no ways to escape. All you can ever do is feel all of it to your deepest soul. It is rooted there you can never take it away. It will never go I guess. Once hurt and you are broken forever.

Your world will become unknown, you will have all the hard times, figuring out what to do, living daily with this pain. When will it end?


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