Another passing

Today is yet another not so ordinary day for me. One family member passed away. Although she was not close to me nor I have considered her as a good person for my existence, but still she is my aunt and she’s been part of my journey.

Because of this woman I gained wisdom, I learned how to forgive, how to be thoughtful and kind and to be open-minded and accept the things the way they are suppose to happen. Everything happens for a reason they say. And that is because she’s cruel to me that I learned those.

As I got the news, a text from my mom about her passing I don’t know how to feel, but still what came back in my memories are only the good things she’s done. Not her cruelty or misfits. In the end she’s a family, she’s just human, meant to err.

I can say I am sad, for my uncle for losing his wife, for her children for losing their mom.

“Immortality is a myth.”- Mechumi


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