I was bitten

Have you ever been bitten and it sent you to ER and you started seeing flashes of white lights and there’s a memory recall suddenly happening of all the happy things you had in life?

I know and yes you’re right! I got bitten once and this brought me into a life and death situation. You won’t believe it but I made it through and you won’t believe that I was bitten by a “love bug” literally a love bug and I had severe allergic reactions to it.

I remembered me and my mom cleaning the room and folding clothes when suddenly I felt a stung on my left elbow. I didn’t mind it because it’s like a normal thing because of the mosquito friends that does this everyday.

A few minutes later like 3 minutes, I felt a burning sensation in my palm, it was so itchy as well, it’s itchy both inside and out and then I feel my body heating up. I thought I touched something that’s causing the itch so I went to wash my hands but it did not stop, it went on until I’m feeling itchy all over my body and not only above the skin I felt like it was inside as well. I went and took a bath  to get rid of it, nothing happened, I went to look at the mirror and my eyes have bloodshot and then my gums started bleeding. I went inside the bedroom and told my mom and she opened my shirt and I have bumps all over my back they were red itchy bumps. So we decided to go to the ER, we were walking on foot because it’s almost midnight and there are no transportation available. Until finally we arrived at the ER and they checked my and I remembered the nurse administering the injection literally stabbed me with the syringe in my shoulders, it wasn’t gentle or whatsoever but she just stabbed me with it.

What followed were tremors and shaking and I could not speak properly and they are staring at me and in shock and my mom shouted at them, what the hell is happening and why am I shaking. So they then decided to have me lay on bed and gave me some blankets and asked me to tell them if I can’t breath or something and they will give me oxygen. But I couldn’t utter  a word. And then the white lights began to appear and then all the memories of me, from my birth and all the happy things started flashing back. I couldn’t breath and then I forgot what happened, when I woke up my husband was already beside me with my mother in law.

I survived! I was bitten and survived!




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