What it means to have zero views

A lot of times we crave for attention, so we do things to be able to get them, like write or do some crazy stuff. Social media made it easier these days, but how many people are really paying attention? Do they really pay attention, just accidentally clicks on it and skips it or can they really relate to what it is you are trying to do.

Well, how about going to your statistics and seeing zero views, how does that make you feel?

The real question is do you really need attention, why do you write?  What are you writing about?

For me these numbers don’t matter, what matters is how I feel while I am writing these things down. How I really feel and the satisfaction I am getting after I am done writing it is what matters.  I am more happy to know that I was able to take off the load in my mind, my heart and soul. Writing is like releasing a caged bird to its freedom. Nothing beats that. More than views and audiences, zero is null and not a measurement of how happy I am to have the chance to jot something down.


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