And I was like

You know there are times when people are really stupid, like they thought that they are fooling you. They thought that you don't feel anything at all, that you are numb, stupid, dumb, crazy like they are. Well the truth hurts, it hurts so bad you just wanted to cry. Like fairy tales it hits … Continue reading And I was like


Doubting my love

It was never easy, when God gave you to me, I did not ask, questioned or inquired. You were just there, on front of me. I can never say no, it was just so easy, our love runned smoothly. But now my doubts are free. You are not making me feel good.It is onvious you … Continue reading Doubting my love


So here I am again with my sleepless nights. It is beggining to come back again. The nightmares are persistent this time. I wonder if this eill ever go away..