About Mechumi

You’ll never get tired. I promise you’ll be entertained by her. She’s crazy and thinks a lot and she’s gonna be great and awesome and amazing!

Discovering her world is what she’s doing right now. She’s kinda lost and this lost thing has been going on for quite some time. So she’s doing her best to stand up for life. Mind you she’s weak but she’s also incredibly strong. She needs to find her life balance now.

Mechumi, who she really is, we will find out as she writes in this blog.

Some facts about her:

  1. She once have a dog named Choco whom she loved so much because she can talk to him whenever she wants to and he listens to her without judging. Sad to say Choco left her, he died from a car accident.
  2. She is mostly passive and naive.
  3. She thinks that one day she will write a book for the world to read.
  4. She loves plants, flowers, succulents and all that! She’s nature lover.
  5. She ones believed in angels but not anymore, she’s not sure why but all of a sudden she just stopped on believing.
  6. She collects notebooks and pens and from time to time writes on their pages.
  7. She worries a lot.
  8. She ones committed suicide but did not die.
  9. She was once bitten by a love bug and went to life and death situation at the hospital. Seeing the white lights and experienced flashing memories of her life.
  10. She loves pink.
  11. She hides from people sometimes. Not sure why but she just doesn’t know how to entertain them I guess.
  12. She has an office and she works alone. No worries she’s actually comfortable working alone and she’s alone most of the time. She thinks that friends are really that hard to come by.