On Brokenness

I must rest here, try to think long again, lay here, be vulnerable but be accepting, try to understand further how brokenness can benefit this ailing soul and heart not wanting to get crushed into dust.


That Kind of Level

You know sometimes when you were talking to somebody or to some people and you feel so lost. You don't even know where the story is going or if you can relate or vice versa. It's so tricky, not it's actually hard. It's been hard to find people you can converse with. Especially conversations that … Continue reading That Kind of Level

Poems with no rules

I wanted to write some poems. Poems with no restrictions. In this world we create so many rules that limits some things to be said or expressed. But there is such thing as flexibility, openness, freedom, liberty, expression. Poems with no limit is the answer, or should I just simply say, "I wanted to write."