Trust a word you said

Can I trust the word you said. You said you are mine and I'm yours, and never again... Never to hurt me again. But here you are, action speaks louder than words. Can I trust the words you said?

The Notion

Suddenly she had this notion of not knowing how to live, to live properly, in manners that normal people would live. She's different all of a sudden. She's thinking she is not doing it right. There has to be a right way. But then she is lost, she is buried in ┬áthis deep darkness, she … Continue reading The Notion

Poems with no rules

I wanted to write some poems. Poems with no restrictions. In this world we create so many rules that limits some things to be said or expressed. But there is such thing as flexibility, openness, freedom, liberty, expression. Poems with no limit is the answer, or should I just simply say, "I wanted to write."