It hurts when it’s one sided.

Love is fascinating and is suppose to be good, but sometimes it's no fun at all. Especially if it is one sided. Especially if it is full of pretensions and martyrdom. Because you know I am in this situation. It's hard, it's painful and it hurts. It's like falling in an endless pit. What I … Continue reading It hurts when it’s one sided.



So here I am again with my sleepless nights. It is beggining to come back again. The nightmares are persistent this time. I wonder if this eill ever go away..

I love!

I love flowers, trees, fruits, butterflies, ants, dogs, cats and the like. I love nature! I think in my past  life I am the daughter of mother earth. The child she loved the most. I can be anything nature, like a tree, a tame deer but also a mighty lion when provoked. I can flow like … Continue reading I love!